I can heartily endorse Melanie for the keen insight, passion, and professionalism she brings to her craft. Yes, she is highly skilled across the board in a wide range of research and analytical approaches. Yes, she brings senior-level leadership and a critical, thoughtful perspective to her work. Yes, she is stunningly collaborative and easily rises to the ranks of trusted adviser. No, she is not a pushover and she won’t hesitate to challenge conventional thinking or raise an unpopular point that needs raising. I value her friendship and partnership and wouldn’t hesitate to have her at the table for anything in which I’m involved.
— Vice President, Creative & Brand Strategy
Melanie is a delight to work and have inspiring discussions with. Her laser-like insights, passion and energy bring to life even the most difficult projects with excellent results and solutions... Unquestionably, Mel is a born thought leader and an excellent researcher.
— Director for the Center for Business Innovation at Kennesaw State University and President, Creative Focus, Inc.
Melanie is an exceptional talent, both personally and professionally. While her PhD might lead some to conclude that she favors the analytical, Melanie has that rare ability to see beyond the numbers to the customer experiences which serve as the true source for decision making. Any organization would be lucky to have her as a member of its staff and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.
— Vice President, Digital Product Innovation & Marketing
Melanie is a solution seeker who uses her considerable skills to improve our work with our constituents. She also helps those within our organization understand the core components of what we do and how that translates in the marketplace. She has been instrumental in designing and implementing the tools and studies that have given us key insights into our audience. This resulted in tailored approaches that vastly enriched what we provide to those who trust the American Cancer Society. The best thing is that Melanie approaches this with an intelligence, a diplomacy, and an energy that makes her colleagues look forward to having her engaged on our projects. She adds value to each project she touches and each team that has her as a member.
— Senior Vice President Programs and Services
Melanie is a customer-focused professional who is both strategic and capable of ensuring the details are taken into account. She engenders confidence through her calm, thoughtful approach to problem-solving. I recommend Melanie without hesitation.
— Managing Director, Business Practices
Melanie was a joy to work with in the three years we worked together at the American Cancer Society. She was a great partner and collaborator in the market research and analytics space with my team, even in the rapidly changing environment we shared. She is a steady and smart professional, and is extremely accomplished in her field. She’s naturally highly inquisitive and customer focused — which is a great combination for our customers. I was very impressed with her ability to stay grounded and focused on our customers and results, while urging us to “do the right thing” with a broad strategic view of the business, always looking at data and customer feedback to help make the American Cancer Society better. And that’s probably what best summarizes Melanie’s contributions to the Society: she makes us better. I’m glad I had the chance to work with Melanie — I know my work was the better for it.
— Senior Digital Product Manager